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Overview of Our Warehousing Services

Integrated storage and distribution solutions.

Need reliable and affordable storage options? Look no further than our warehousing services! Our modern facilities are supervised by experienced professionals, creating a safe environment to store items of all varieties. Whether you need inventory fulfillment or stock management, we have the perfect solution tailored to your specific needs – whether they’re short-term or long-term. Reach out today for more information on what our warehouse can do for you!

Our warehousing services include:

  • FDA and US customs bonded material solutions.

  • Our Pick and Pack service ensures that your products are carefully packaged according to your exact requirements, providing accuracy and excellence with every shipment.

  • Our team is committed to keeping a watchful eye on your inventory and will promptly notify you whenever an adjustment needs to be made.

  • We guarantee swift order fulfillment and expedited delivery of your products to customers, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

  • Keep your products safe and sound in our two well-positioned warehouses, with only the highest standard of storage solutions.

Strategically located halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee along I-94 highway, Great Lakes Warehousing offers an ideal location for your storage needs. With 600,000 square feet of available warehousing space, you’ll find the perfect area to store all your products and supplies in one central spot.


Our Warehouse’s Features & Benefits

  • Storage of dry goods, non-refrigerated food grade products, and other non-perishables

  • Over 600,000 square feet of inside storage

  • Cross Docking Services

  • Computerized RF Inventory Management System

  • Real time, on-line viewing of customer inventory

  • Other specialized storage, shipping and logistic services as requested

  • Order fulfillment and direct shipping to customers available

  • Pick / Pack Services

  • Regional Transportation Services

  • Container loading and unloading

  • Storage of dry goods, non-refrigerated food grade products, and other non-perishables
    Our third party logistics chicago facilities are supervised by experienced 3PL product storage, shipping, and fulfillment professionals. Whether you need order fulfillment services, inventory fulfillment, inventory tracking, or stock management, we have the perfect warehousing & storage solution tailored to your business needs. We provide a safe warehouse storage environment. From short-term dry goods storage to long-term bonded and insured storage, our third party logistics team does it all. Let our 3pl warehouse help you succeed.
  • Over 600,000 square feet of inside storage
    For warehouse storage chicago you can trust Great Lakes Warehousing in Kenosha. Our large storage capacity warehouse can accommodate your product storage, large and small. Servicing midwestern states and nationwide businesses, our goal is to be the trusted third party logistics servicer from Milwaukee to Chicago, across the Midwest and across the United States. Our material handling team will safely manage your valuable materials. Fullfillment and shipping is made easy with our warehouse inventory management system, that integrates all 3PL necessities.
  • Cross Docking Services
    Use our cross dock services to move your inventory and utilize our professional and reliable trucking partner GL Transport. We offer safe, experienced Cross docking and full service third party warehouse services. Utilize third party warehouse services with Great Lakes Warehousing, the midwest warehouse servicing Chicago, Milwaukee and beyond. As your local 3pl warehouse we are tried and trusted as the third party logistics provider in the midwest.
  • Computerized RF Inventory Management System
    3pl inventory management is made easy with our system. Let us show you warehouse inventory solutions that fit your business needs. From shipping and receiving to inventory management, our product fulfillment will ensure your inventory is safe and delivered when you want it. Our computerized radio frequency inventory management system is state of the art order fulfillment for accuracy and speed. Don’t settle for 3pl warehousing and distribution using low tech or slow systems.
  • Real time, on-line viewing of customer inventory
    Reports and real time inventory data are available to our customers as they need it. Inventory management via online warehouse inventory solutions are our specialty, from receiving your products to storing them safely, and ensuring accurate order fulfillment. Businesses who want to keep a close eye on their inventory can be assured our real time inventory system will provide accurate counts. Utilize our 3pl inventory management system and fulfillment processes to see the value GLW provides.
  • Other specialized storage, shipping and logistic services as requested:
    1. warehousing & storage- from chicago to milwaukee and serving all the midwest
    2. warehouse inventory solutions
    3. pallet storage and palletizing
    4. product storage
    5. 3pl warehousing and distribution, local and nationwide
    6. 3pl warehouse
    7. 3pl inventory management
    8. midwest warehouse, nationwide trucking
    9. product fulfillment
    10. storage and fulfillment services
    11. pick and pack fulfillment
    12. fulfillment center in the midwest
    13. amazon 3rd party fulfillment
    14. 3rd party fulfillment warehouse
    15. warehousing and transportation services for all product storage and order fulfillment needs